Benefits of Outsourced Accounting for Manufacturers

Distributors and manufacturers face several unique challenges – from growing labor costs, quality control, competition, and regulatory compliance – keeping up with these responsibilities can be challenge. Accounting tasks, such as payroll, cost accounting, monthly reconciliation and financial close, and financial reporting often do not receive adequate attention and resources. This can result in an array of issues, including inaccurate and/or incomplete records, fees and penalties, and missed opportunities.

By hiring a professional accounting firm to manage these financial responsibilities, you can focus on all other tasks such as sourcing material, product development, sales, quality control and more. Some of the most significant benefits offered by hiring an outside accounting service for your business can be found here.

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Improve Your Business Decision-Making

Outsourcing your accounting function to a capable and experienced firm will help to eliminate the possibility of unreliable, inaccurate, and late financial reports. Accurate and timely financial reports offer critical information that is needed to make strategic business decisions and can help the company grow, make proactive changes, and even save money.

Scale Services and Save Money

Rather than straining existing resources or having to pay full or part-time wages and benefits to a new employee, you can outsource the accounting solutions you need. In doing so, you benefit from the efficiencies of having a trained accountant or CPA managing this process on your behalf. Overall, our trained professionals will spend less time than would otherwise be needed internally at a lower cost. This helps you plan for and control costs while improving the reliability and timeliness of your financial reporting. Also, as your company continues to grow or experiences transition, outsourcing can be scaled as needed.

Refocus on Important Business Matters

When you outsource your manufacturing bookkeeping and accounting processes, you can free up valuable time that you can invest in bettering your company and focusing on your growth goals. Also, when you outsource, you can let your executive and your management team concentrate on what they do best – like sales, product expansion, networking, or service expansion. All this is possible while giving you peace of mind that all your financial matters are handled by a firm that has experience with accounting processes for manufacturing companies. Businesses can also put an emphasis on advanced inventory management, where additional functions allow users to efficiently track stocked items, monitor all changes to inventory, and calculate their profitability indicators.

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Gain Access to a Financial Expert

Proper financial management requires someone with a full and comprehensive understanding of best practices in accounting, the current regulations and laws, and various compliance requirements. By engaging the services of an outsourced provider, you will have access to a knowledgeable team to handle an array of tasks from monthly reconciliation and financial close to financial statement preparation, costing techniques, payroll for manufacturing firms, tax planning, and more.

Ensure Compliance and Reduce Errors

Often the pressure and demands on business owners and their in-house accounting staff may contribute to unintentional errors or missed deadlines. Outsourcing your accounting will help to reduce error by having trained accountants handle your financial processes utilizing proven methods, strategies and efficiencies. Your outsourced accountants will utilize a suite of integrated software to help improve efficiencies and reduce the risk of error. This will also help to reduce the risk of bank, regulatory or tax compliance problems.

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Finding the Right Accounting Service Provider

Choosing the right firm to outsource your accounting for your manufacturing business is an important consideration. You will need a firm that is experienced in your industry and has a process in place to be sure deadlines are met and quality of work is achieved. The right firm should offer you a service structure that will include access to accounting staff as well as firm directors and administrative support. As the business owner, you make important decisions every day and having access to accurate information and the right experts will definitely improve your ability to make informed decisions.

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