ERTC Qualification? 

Our VERY simple guide to deciding if you qualify for ERTC – Employee Retention Tax Credit

We have found that most of our clients DO qualify for an ERTC.  It’s easier than you think to identify “yes” or “no” for ERTC qualification.  Let us run you through a quick flow chart, and also give you a direct example of a client.   

When you’re ready, and if you’d like some help – we can complete the planning, filing, and communication to receive your credits.  Schedule 15 minutes with us to get the ball rolling.  We also created an option where it wont cost you anything up front, if you decide to work with us.  

The potential credit is truly significant.  Many of our clients are receiving $10-$80k in credits back to them.  We implore you to take action ASAP, so you can also secure this win for your business.    

If you’d like to read further details on specifics, see our recent ERTC blog post

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