How to TAKE ACTION on the SRG – Sector-Specific Relief Grant Program

Manufacturing Mass Sector Specific Relief Grant (SRG)

Sector-Specific Relief Grant Program Guidance

In late December, Governor Baker announced the appropriation of an additional $668 million to provide targeted relief to Massachusetts businesses, especially those that have experienced the most significant economic hardship and loss of revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Under the program, applications from businesses in the following sectors will receive the highest level of priority:

Priority Categories:

  • Restaurants, bars, caterers, and food trucks that collect and remit meals tax
  • Indoor Recreation or Entertainment Establishments
  • Gyms or Fitness Centers
  • Personal Services
  • Event Support Companies – primary source (more than 50%) of revenue is event-related
  • Independent Retailers

Non-Priority Categories:

  • All other eligible business types

For businesses falling within the priority categories, we encourage you to review the information below and act as quickly as possible to complete and submit the application by the due date of January 15, 2021.  The following should help to prepare you for this process:



1.      There will be significant demand under this program.  Only apply if you have no other means for relief and if your business has suffered as a result of the pandemic.  Be sure to review and understand the eligibility criteria.

2.      Certain documentation is required to be uploaded along with the application itself.  Those documents include:           

a.      Certificate of Good Standing from the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s Office (*NOT* through MA DOR’s MA Tax Connect).  Please note that the Certificate can be requested electronically for certain corporate entities, but most LLCs may need to visit the McCormack Building in Boston to obtain their certificate. 

·   Please first follow the link

And input your MA Corp ID number.   

·   Then click “Check and add entity” 

·   Next select “Certificate of Good Standing” from the dropdown.  If e-mail delivery is available, you will be able to select that option by checking the box.  

·   If this option is blank, you may need to visit the McCormack building in Boston.

·   If you need to lookup your MA ID number click here to search your entity:

·   In order to obtain your certificate either online or in person, you will need to be sure all annual reports are current and fees are paid.  Be sure to double and triple check that you are actually in good standing prior to making a trip to Boston.  If you are not current and you visit the Boston office, they may ask you to pay the outstanding fees and then ask you to come back the next day to obtain your certificate. 

b.      Complete 2019 Federal Business Tax Return

c.      Complete 2019 Federal Personal Tax Returns for each business owner with 20% or greater ownership. 

d.      Copy of your business license, if applicable.  Search the status of your license here:

e.      Completed and signed Form W-9. Click for Fillable W9.

f.       Copy of business owner’s photo ID.

3.      Applications are due no later than midnight on 1/15/21.  Allow yourself extra time for unforeseen issues in completing the application

4.       The maximum amount of funding that can be requested is $75,000, capped at up to 3 months of operating expenses, based on actual 2019 tax returns, and qualified expenses include those that are allowed under the CARES Act related to PPP expenses.  Please note that you cannot request funds related to expenses previously reimbursed under the PPP, or any other state or federal aid.

OK, Ready?
  Apply here:


As always, please feel free to contact us should you or someone you know need further information or assistance in meeting the requirements under this program.

More program info:

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Author: Anthony Rita

Author: Anthony Rita

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