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Our government contracting services, give you and your business a better chance to succeed.

At ADC, our government contracting team has developed an array of services to help you focus on your research while having us do the rest. We help you connect the dots, so that you can keep doing what you do best. Therefore, while compliance is key, it is also best practices for the value-minded founding team, as you journey towards commercialization.

We have extensive experience in federal award compliance services, specifically SBIR/STTR and other government contract accounting. We offer a number of options to supplement your company’s internal financial skills.

Accounting Solutions in Government Contracting

  • Pre Award & CAAR Review Assistance
  • Compliant Chart of Accounts Structuring
  • Adequate Timekeeping Analysis & Assistance
  • Proposed Billing Rate Assistance
  • Budget Proposal Assistance
  • Preparation of Indirect Rate Calculations
  • Transaction Structuring & Planning
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SBIR/STTR Accounting

To keep your company moving forward through the different phases of grants and commercialization, ADC has a team of accountants that understand DCAA compliance. With over 15 years of SBIR accounting, government contracting, and human resources experience, we’re confident we can help take your business to the next level.

SBIR Funding


Our government contracting team helps to provide small businesses and start-up organizations with easy-to-understand, affordable and sustainable financial recordkeeping, and reporting systems. In other words, we are here to allow you to do what your company does best; research, invent and come up with life-changing solutions, while we handle the accounting side. Making your company less stressful by knowing your numbers, and more profitable because you’re putting your attention where it belongs.

SBIR Academy

Are you an SBIR Phase I awardee?

A lot of our clients have asked us, “What made you create this course?” Our response has always been the same. We created this course because we saw a problem in the industry. We recognized that the majority of Phase I government contractors we worked with didn’t fully understand everything they needed to when it comes to having an adequate accounting system that is FAR compliant and DCAA compliant. We took all the knowledge we’ve gained from our years of experience in this field and created the SBIR Academy. Your one-stop-shop course on government contract accounting training. We refer to it as our personal government contract accounting for dummies guide.

What is the SBIR Academy?

The SBIR Academy is an online learning portal containing a series of training videos meant to help you understand the requirements of your accounting system for your Phase I Federal Award. This government contract accounting training course consists of three modules that each contain detailed training videos. Developed to prepare you for accurately tracking and accounting for your Phase I SBIR Award. Timekeeping Training, Chart of Accounts Training, and QuickBooks Training. Here’s a breakdown of everything included in the SBIR Academy…

Resources for Phase I Success:

  • DCAA-compliant QuickBooks chart of accounts
  • QuickBooks tutorial file
  • QuickBooks turn-key company file
  • Sample timesheet template
  • Phase II prep templateChart of Accounts Training:
  • Introduction to your Phase I chart of accounts
  • Direct Costs training
  • Fringe Costs training
  • Overhead Costs training
  • G&A Costs training
  • Unallowable Costs training

QuickBooks Training:

  • Setting up your company in QuickBooks
  • Properly segregate costs by Customer:Job feature
  • Budgeting for your award
  • Payroll and Labor Distribution
  • Purchase Orders and Vendor Bills
  • InvoicesTimekeeping Training:
  • Understanding SBIR accounting timekeeping
  • Developing DCAA compliant time systems
  • An in-depth example of an employee’s entire work week

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