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Outsourcing your accounting needs gives you the time you need to focus on your mission. Maintaining proper accounting systems is essential to put your business in a position to succeed. Have ADC be your trusted source for all of your accounting needs. We use the latest technology to ensure our clients have accurate and up-to-date financial information when they require it.

What does this look like?

We provide an in-depth set up training session to show you your monthly or bi-weekly process.


  • Printing and mailing vendor checks (biweekly, when applicable)


  • Entering electronic payment and customer receipts (monthly, we will not initiate or submit electronic payments)
  • Record unbilled receivables, costs-in-excess-of-billings, billings-in-excess-of-costs, depreciation and amortization, and prepaid and accrued expenses (quarterly and annual)
  • Compute and record billings and prepare standard forms (depending on the agency/contract/grant requirements)
  • Record adjusting journal entries (monthly and annual)
  • Provide monthly and annual internal financial statements (for months as requested that start and end during the period of engagement)


  • Reconcile checking and credit accounts against statements each month, identify errors, and inform you of any adjustments (monthly)

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Government Contracting – Bookkeeping Services

We also offer bookkeeping/full outsource accounting services for government funded research firms. This service includes all of the items listed above with a a few additions:

Government Contract Accounting Compliance Training

All of our government full outsource clients are trained on the requirements of their specific grant or contract. This is done through our proprietary learning management system, as well as a remote or in-person session following the online training. There is also unlimited support as a part of the engagement.


  • Review and reconcile labor distribution gross pay (each pay period, if applicable)


  • Assist in budgets for new government proposals (if applicable)
  • Assist in indirect rate audits related to reporting documents (if applicable)

Learn more about our Bookkeeping & Full Outsource Services

Contact us through the form below or at (978) 462-6674 with any questions about our services or how to get started!

Learn more about our Bookkeeping/Full Outsource Services
Contact us through the form below or at (978) 462-6674 with any questions about our services or how to get started!

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