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Payroll processing is an important function of any size business, but it comes with the complexities of payroll taxes and wages, which can be extensive and time consuming.  Along with the penalties that your business is hit with for being out of the IRS’ compliance. ADC is an ADP payroll processing partner and our preferred platform for running payroll. We recommend ADP to our clients because over the years we’ve seen their customer experience and platform is unmatched. With their extensive amounts of integrations and compliance expertise, it makes processing payroll seamless and streamlined. On top of that, they provide extremely helpful support from trained payroll and HR professionals.


  • Small Business Payroll Processing
  • Workforce is Based in Several Locations
  • Prompt Payments with Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) and Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTS)
  • Determination of Multi-State/City Requirements When

Tax Calculation

  • Payroll Tax Compliance Filings
  • Employment Credits & Assistance in Filing Necessary.
  • Forms to Claim Credits
  • Fringe Benefit Calculations
  • Year End 1099/W-2s for all contractors and employees

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